Who is Dawoud?

A Visionary Musician for the 21st Century.

Musician, composer, improviser, producer, writer, poet, audio engineer, music teacher.

Dawoud has found within the sitar, and the other instruments he plays (guitar, bass, dilruba, etc.) a means of instilling an experience of the spiritual and a beauty beyond what we experience with our senses.

His study of music such as Indian Raga, Jazz, Arabic Maqam, Electronica, etc., with sitar, guitar, dilruba, etc., his experiments with electronics, and with all his musical endeavors, are a means to an end.

What is that end? Come experience it for yourself!

If Dawoud's music could be defined, it would be World Jazz Electronica Fusion. It's a jazz experience from an other-worldly realm; a New Age experience with a Downbeat / electronica edge. His music is peaceful, and will awaken within you a hidden source of energy as a friend and guide on your journey.

Once described as "the Jimi Hendrix of the sitar," inspired by the vast musical traditions from around the world - east and west, acoustic and electronic, modern and ancient - Dawoud uses these varied genres to provide a creative and sacred inspiration, and illuminate a new musical path.




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